Rickshaw Run Day 9


Starting point: Palolem, Goa
Finishing point: Palolem, Goa
Distance covered today: 0km
Total distance covered: ~2080km
Number of breakdowns: 0, Robbie spent the day with the mechanic having his piston replaced

Palolem to…err…Palolem. We didn’t move a muscle from the beach today. We felt the warm sand between our toes, bobbed about in the waves, sipped fresh lemon sodas and gin (‘gimlets’) and ate non-curry dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It was glorious. Whoever said this Rickshaw Run was tough, eh?

Late in the afternoon we fetched Robbie from the mechanic and his little engine started like a dream. His stereo system now didn’t work though. Why on earth replacing the piston had any effect on the music system is anyone’s guess. This. Is. India. It is not for us to question why. No matter. At least Robbie could run again and we now had a chance in hell of making it to Cochin and actually finishing this thing.

Phrases of the Day
Can you put sun cream on my back?
Another gimlet anyone?
Wanna go for a dip?
Your left arm’s going red.
Pass the chips.
You all get the gist. It was a lazy day.

Revelation of the Day
Many other Rickshaw Run teams had gathered in Palolem. It was something of a reunion. We heard that some of them had bet against the chances of the all-girl teams actually making it to the finish line. Oh, how we do like a challenge. They’ll see. We’ll laugh in the face of failure and conquer all that Mother India has to throw at us. With two states still to cross, we’d better catch an early start tomorrow. Fingers crossed for no more big problems (Robbie, we hope you’re reading this).

Hero of the Day
Our mechanic of course. We never doubted his talents. Not even for a second. Ahem.


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