The team

Claire and Jodie are twin sisters. They met Erica several years ago when she and Claire moved in next to each other and became the best of neighbours. We realised that we’re kindred spirits, surviving the roller coaster of life in London as young women with a healthy dose of cynicism, a lot of laughs, some fabulous shoes and the occasional gin. We’ve seen each other through life’s ups and downs, and have already trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu together this year, so we’re ready for the challenge of the Rickshaw Run. Everything’s cushty.



Having been the one to come up with the ridiculous idea to enter a team into the Rickshaw Run, Jodie is both the team’s leader and the biggest plonker of us all. A regular global nomad for work and pleasure, she’ll be trying hard to pack lightly for this trip (an art form she has never mastered). She studied Hindi at university, so will be practising her incredibly rusty language skills on the locals.

‘Pardon me, but I seem to have accidentally driven my rickshaw into a ravine’
मुझे माफ करना, लेकिन मैं गलती से एक खड्ड में मेरी रिक्शा संचालित है लगता है

Driving style: Cautious, but in the best possible way

Only Fools and Horses character: Rodney

Most likely to say: I’d look a right dipstick!




Erica was the second loon to join this merry band. She works in insurance and is therefore (professionally) usually quite risk averse, so we take this as a good sign for our chances of surviving the Rickshaw Run intact. A fierce negotiator, Erica will be in charge of persuading anybody we meet along the way to help us out in all ways possible.

Driving style: Unknown (she hasn’t driven for several years. Oh. My. Days.)

Only Fools and Horses character: Uncle Albert (Erica loves the odd nap)

Most likely to say: During the war…



Claire is the most recent addition to the team (she’s the one holding the shot). We were hoping to find somebody who had both advanced driving skills and the ability to fix the rickshaw when it inevitably breaks down. Where did we go wrong? The only consolation is that as a doctor with specialist knowledge of emergency medicine, she’ll be able to fix us when her reckless driving lands us in a pickle. Or at least, she’ll be in charge of the Imodium when Delhi Belly strikes.

Driving style: Reckless

Only Fools and Horses character: Del Boy

Most likely to say: You plonker!

One Comment on “The team

  1. Allo Erica Bonne Année! Quelle façon unique la commencer. Bonne chance on suivra vos progrès Francine de Montréal

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