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Claire, Jodie and Erica all live in Peckham. As the area has inspired our rickshaw’s paintjob, our team name and most importantly, our choice of charity, we thought we’d better let you in on the not-so-secret secrets of SE15. Peckhamania:…

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A brief (video) guide to the Rickshaw Run

Ever wondered what’s involved with driving a 7 horsepower, three-wheeled rickshaw beast across the entire Indian sub-continent? Look no further than this video produced by the Adventurists. Horror-inducing and inspirational in equal measure.

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Thank you to our dinner and dancing guests

This is to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all our coming along to the Rickshaw Run Dinner & Dancing back in July. I hope you had fun…we certainly did! We are really very grateful for all you…

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The rickshaw

According to the Adventurists: ‘With a pounding heart of 145.45cc pushing 7hp of raw power to three tiny wheels, the humble auto-Rickshaw is a feat of non-engineerance. Loud, uncomfortable, prone to breaking down a lot and completely useless at protecting…

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