A new team member!

After much persuasion (and some fortuitous timing), Claire (Jodie’s twin sister and Erica’s neighbour) has finally decided to join us on the Rickshaw Run.

Claire is taking a career-break of sorts this year. She will have just finished a diploma in tropical medicine, which should come in handy, and will be en route to start a new 6 month job in a Sydney hospital…perhaps not such a sensible idea then to attempt to drive a rickshaw 3500km across India? Oh well, I’m sure those Aussie hospital managers will understand if when she turns up on day one, she’s not quite the same person they recruited.


Claire’s the one holding the shot.

We were hoping to find somebody who had both advanced driving skills and the ability to fix the rickshaw when it inevitably breaks down. Where did we go wrong? The only consolation is that as a doctor with specialist knowledge of emergency medicine, she’ll be able to fix us when her reckless driving lands us in a pickle. Or at least, she’ll be in charge of the Imodium when Delhi Belly strikes.

Driving style: Reckless

Only Fools and Horses character: Del Boy

Most likely to say: You plonker!

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