And our first prize giveaway winner is…

Last night we used some very high tech pieces of paper to conduct a good old fashioned prize draw out of a hat…and our first winner is Phoebe! The fabulous goodies generously donated by Garudio Studiage (see below) will shortly be ‘trotting’ their way to her.

We would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to everybody who has donated so far. We have already reached our fundraising target thanks to our wonderful family and friends. But, if you haven’t yet donated, don’t let that stop you…the more you give, the more money will go to directly to our chosen charity, St Christopher’s Hospice.

And especially to motivate you to click on that JustGiving button as we approach the party season, we have two vouchers for our favourite London Indian restaurants to giveaway over the next few weeks. Everyone who has donated will be entered into the draw. Watch this blog for further details.

Phoebe’s prize
Wildlife of London. Oh, how we love London and all its natural splendour! Meet the flying ant, the feral pigeon and Camberhell’s genuine crack-addict squirrel in this twisted urban take on the souvenir tea towel.



Bag O’Nails. High quality meets low-taste in this hand screen printed bag featuring the iconic nail bar art from Peckham. Developed from Chris Ratcliffe’s screen printed ‘Blue Off – Licence Carrier Bags’ project, this tacky tote is a more practical celebration of what’s brilliantly bad about London.


Garudio Studiage

Garudio Studiage is a Peckham-based creative collective set up by Chris Ratcliffe, Laura Cave, Anna Walsh and Hannah Havana.

With individual specialisms in screen printing, jewellery and painting, the group also work together and with friends, taking part in a wonderfully bizarre array of exhibitions and events, as well as making props, displays and products.

The appropriately glamourous and unpronounceable name is derived from the words ‘Garage studio’ which is exactly where the venture started out in 2003. Working amongst sand, stray cats and broken car parts, the collective started making screenprints and jewellery for sale and exhibition, and thus the mighty Garudio Studiage was born!

More recent times have seen a move to new premises and an expanding list of clients and projects, as well as the Garudio and Friends online shop.


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