Rickshaw Run launch – 4


Namaste! It’s only 4 days to go before the launch of the Rickshaw Run and we’ve made it safely (but possibly not soundly) to Delhi. Unfortunately it’s only the briefest of stays as we’re leaving for Jaisalmer tomorrow. A flight to the blue city of Jodhpur and a 5 hour road journey across the Great Thar Desert awaits.

Plonker of the day
Jodie – after some rather chaotic last minute packing, she managed to forget her International Driving Permit (disastrous), adaptor plugs (problematic but fixable) and Peckham T-shirt (annoying).

Moment of the day
Uncle Albert and Rodney (also known as Erica and Jodie) welcomed Del Boy (Claire) at Indira Gandhi Airport (Claire had flown via Dubai). Cue confused and worried stares from passers by…we’ll have to get used to this.

Phrase of the day
Fortune favours the brave (Taken from Claire’s fortune cookie at The Sidewok restaurant in Connaught Place. Yes, we ate Chinese food on our first night in India. No judgment please. You have to grab every non-curry opportunity going).

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