Rickshaw Run launch – 3


Today was a day of boring travel from Delhi to Jaisalmer, peppered with some moments of hilarity. Now safely installed in our guest house and enjoying some beers at the rooftop restaurant with a view of Jaisalmer Fort, listening to Jack Johnson, we feel like proper backpackers, only a decade too old.

Tomorrow is our first date with Robbie the Rickshaw. What should we wear?!

Plonker of the Day
Claire – the following conversation transcript shows why:
While waiting for our driver at a rest stop in a one horse Rajasthani town, a cow wonders towards us
Claire: That’s a fat cow. Maybe it’s preggers. Do you think it’s a boy cow or a girl cow?
Jodie: I have no idea.
Claire: Do boy cows have udders?
Jodie: What the hell?! Do you think that you can milk a boy cow?
Claire: Can’t you?
Jodie: snorts with laughter and disbelief
Claire: It’s just that the cow’s wee hole seems to be half way up its stomach. I’m going to ask Erica…
She wanders over to the car where Erica is keeping warm
Claire: Can you milk a boy cow? Do they have udders?
Erica: look of disbelief No! But that cow had some grass stuck to its willy.

Oh. My. Days. You. Plonker.

Phrase of the Day
‘I think I’ve reached my limit of shithole’
As uttered by Claire as we drove into Jaisalmer, the launching post of the Rickshaw Run and described by the Lonely Planet as a ‘breathtaking sight’. It’s going to be a long 2 weeks.

Moment of the Day
After a flight from Delhi and a 5 hour drive across the desert from Jodhpur, 5 minutes from Jaisalmer, our taxi blew a tyre. We all stumble out, bleary eyed. The bags are unloaded. The driver changes the tyre in an impressively short 5 minutes. We give him congratulatory thumbs up and smiles. We re-load the car and jump back in, eager to reach our destination after a long day on the road. Bump bump bump Everyone looks at the driver. He indicates with his hands that the tyre is smaller than the others. ‘Jump jump jump’, he says. Descent into hysterical giggles as we bounce into Jaisalmer.

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